I’m Michiel Sikma, a freelance developer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With over 17 years of full-stack experience I’m a passionate software developer, occasional blogger and an open source advocate.

As a developer, I like building beautiful and robust software, making it easy to use and enjoyable to develop. To do that, I like working with teams that adopt modern technology and use open standards wherever possible. I’m always up for learning something new, and I enjoy sharing my experience with others.

Outside of the programming world, I enjoy studying piano, learning the Japanese language and playing games—especially Starcraft, which I occasionally stream on Twitch.

This blog design is actually quite old: I first started it in 2008 to talk about graphic design, my original creative passion. The first version was built in Wordpress, then it got moved over to Tumblr sometime in 2011, and finally this most recent incarnation of it is a Gatsby static site. More information is available on the blog’s Github page.